GRIDS Cloud is a set of Web-based and cloud-based programs that specializes in records management of parish,  county, or any government municipality system.

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24/7 Access to your records from any device, computer or tablet.


Access your records anywhere in the world you have internet access.


We have your records on LOCK-DOWN.


We are here to help you along the way. Choosing the right records program can be tricky. We are here for you.


24/7 Access from ANY Device

  • 24/7 Easy Access to Connect, Administer or Maintain

  • No Server Installation, Maintenance Costs or Local Back-up Needed

  • ANY Device Can Be Used to Access Your Records

  • Access From Your Desktop Computer, Laptop, IPad, Android or even an inexpensive NetBook

  • When used in a properly maintained hosted environment random-ware and viruses are virtually eliminated.


Free Up Your Onsite Storage

  • Competitively Priced Against Other Cloud Services

  • Free Up Your Storage

  • More Flexibility for Clerks and the Public

  • Faster than PC-based Platforms with High-Speed Internet Connection

  • Free and Friendly Support


Cloud Security

Top of the line protection

  • Our Cloud is protected by the Top of the line Security SSL Certification. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encrypted connection between GRIDS Cloud and your web browser that allows for private information to be transmitted without eavesdropping, data tampering, and message forgery.

  • Our Servers are protected with:

    • surge protectors 

    • video surveillance

    • heat and security monitored alarm services  

    • Back-up


Cloud Platforms

Organize Your Documents and Records with Ease

LAND Records

A Web-based and cloud-based indexing program that includes the input for name, act, book, page, section, township, range, file date, kind, description, and a free-form notes section for custom notes regarding that particular recording. This module comes with many features to speed and enhance data input, such as pull down boxes for kinds and frequently used corporations.  The intuitive interface also auto repeats last names for entries with same last names as well as one button reversals for recordings such as exchanges. The indexing program also checks for the correct spelling of names by looking up previous entries in the database on the fly. If a new name is keypunched that has never been entered before, an alert “pops up” and allows the user to check the spelling.

COMING Soon!!!!

Civil - Retrieve civil documents effortlessly. 

Criminal - Keep track of Criminal Case files and pull reports with ease.

Marriage - Marriage records can be pulled by Bride, Groom, or Date Ranges and reproduced lickety-split (that is really fast).

Traffic - Do you want to keep track of Traffic Court details? Pay a ticket online? You will be able to do that very soon with GRIDS Cloud.

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