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Conveyance & Mortgage Indexing

Land Records organized the way you can find them.

Visual Index

Index images and documents and large format Plats with ease.

Visual Permits 


Record and print permits fast

Visual Scan

We are here to help you along the way. Choosing the right records program can be tricky. We are here for you.

Software Solutions

The following sets of software solutions are recommended for computers that are stationary systems specializing in parish, county, and local governments.


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Conveyance and Mortgage Indexing

An indexing program that includes input for parties name, act, book, page, section, township, range, file date, kind, address, description, and a free-form notes section for custom notes regarding that particular recording. This module comes with many features to speed and enhance data input, such as pull down boxes for kinds and frequently used corporations.  The intuitive interface also auto repeats last names for entries with same last names as well as one button reversals for recordings, such as exchanges. In addition, the indexing program checks for the correct spelling of names by looking up previous entries in the database "on the fly." If a new name is keypunched that has never been entered before, an alert “pops up” and allows the user to check the spelling.


The Conveyance and Mortgage module also has a Public Search option. The public viewing module allows the public to perform searches from computers in the courthouse and remotely via the World Wide Web. The search criteria can include book, page, section, township, range, file date, kind, address, name, date range, act number, section, township, and range. Mini-indexes from the search can be printed as well as the imaged documents associated with the instrument. Individuals with accounts will be automatically charged. Clients without an account are processed as cash clients that can be invoiced at any time.

Visual Index

The Visual Index can be operated at any workstation on the network. Images are passed to this program from the Visual Scan module in a categorized batch form. Each individual document is presented onscreen to the indexer. An act or document number is all that is required to connect to the desired application. The easy to use process allows for document modifications such as adding or deleting pages.


An add-on to this module is the Visual Plats program. The plats program facilitates data input and indexing of plats and large format images. Search criteria can be name, subdivision, section, township, and range. If the clerk’s office has a large format scanner; printing, and viewing of large plats is also available.

Visual Permits

Visual Permits is an application for parish government that records and prints various permits for the public.

Visual Scan

The Visual Scan program along with the Visual Index is central to the imaging connections in almost all of Grids' programs. This system offers clean and quick scanning using inexpensive Twain scanners. The function is automated by a batch process where many documents are scanned at one time then passed off to the indexing program providing imaging connectivity to various applications.

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Visual Criminal

Keeping track of Criminal files has never been so easy...

Visual Civil



All of your Civil cases in one place.

Visual Traffic 


Finding Traffic Tickets made easy 

Visual JuvEnile and jury

Juvenile delinquents beware... 


Visual Criminal

The Criminal system provides the entire history of a case from the bill of information to the final disposition.  This module also allows for automated docket numbering and judge allocation.  It also provides for input of defendant information, charge data, surety information, bonds, docket information, victims, witnesses, and minutes. An indexing option prints case information for any date range. The powerful minutes module allows for predefined macros that simplify and automate minute entries. This feature is built around a true word processing form embedded in the application allowing immediate access to all minutes for the individual case. The system includes a flexible user-designed forms creator that can design any type of document including warrants and subpoenas. It also incorporates macros for automation and speed. The statistics section can provide data for specified date ranges and charges. The batch process provides printing all cases from a docket date for any form the user has created. Finally, imaging ties directly into the criminal program providing immediate viewing of all scanned documents associated with that case.

Visual Civil

The civil program includes the advanced features of the criminal system such as the minutes, docket, and user-defined forms while adding a powerful accounting process. The accounting process is based on party accounting. The user can input any number of plaintiffs and defendants then bind them together for accounting purposes. Each party has its own charges, deposits, and payment responsibility. Each party is automatically billed separately. The user can bill an individual or can batch the process for any time interval. The billing includes an advanced deposit minimum that prevents the case from going in arrears. This system also creates and tracks service returns. The powerful docket report prints a docket with many features such as sorting by a plaintiff, defendant, and docket number for specific judges or attorneys. Indexes can be printed for any date range.

Visual Non-Support

The Non-Support program is identical to the civil program for clerks that choose to keep data and accounting separate from civil. This module also includes billing the State for the federally supported Non-Support program.

Visual Traffic

The traffic system closely resembles the criminal program with the exception of the charges screen. The charge screen includes additional items such as vehicle, speed, speed zone, highway, zone, and other traffic ticket information, and the statistics menu incorporates these new items for reporting purposes. In addition, the program automates the clerk suspension forms by court date. This facilitates the printing of the state form on blank paper. The Traffic system also includes complete accounting including bonds and receipts. Imaging can be linked to the traffic system as well.

Visual Juvenile

The juvenile program provides all the features of the criminal system and adds additional features such as parties (parents, guardians).

Visual Jury

The jury program is a comprehensive program that randomly pulls jurors from a general venire for any judge on any date. The complete history of every pull and each juror’s historical record is provided. There are reports provided to print subpoenas, questionnaires, jury list, and newspaper lists. The program also follows the new laws concerning a juror’s option to opt out of a particular jury date and be rescheduled for a later date. The general venire can be generated from Louisiana driver’s license list, voters list, or both. The accounting option calculates juror payment based on days served as well as mileage. The accounting option also allows for check printing or just fund reports.

Other Programs 

File Trakker

The File Trakker program facilitates the checking out and tracking of case folders. File Trakker connects to the civil, criminal, or juvenile programs. It records a date,  time, and who checks the file out in addition to printing reports. The reports include outstanding files, delinquent files, and file history. File Trakker with a barcode reader and folder bar codes can automate check-in/out by simply scanning the folder.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets program tracks equipment and furniture inventory. Additionally, it includes useful information such as vendor, purchase date, warranty, purchase price, and residual value. The inventory can be categorized by departments and status, which can then be printed on a variety of reports for audit proposes.

Visual Check Register

The Check Register Program can be used as a general fund register with many reports based on date range, categories, and vendors.  The reconciliation feature is quick and easy to use.

Visual Revenue

The front desk cash register system handles cash and credit proceeds. Visual Revenue prints invoices with full control of pricing and line description and automates common categories and pricing. This module also allows for anytime billing of the entire account or single accounts and printing either detail or summary statements. The VR module connects to all imaging printing both in-house and remotes with automated billing. For recordings, this module also prints cover sheets, calculates page cost, and initiates conveyance and mortgage indexing.

Visual Marriage

The marriage program provides printing marriage certificates on laser printers using plain paper as well as printing a souvenir copy on any 8 ½ x 11 custom paper. Additionally, it includes a public search with imaging. Reprinting certificates is a simple menu option. Included is an option to save without printing so that information or certificates can be printed at a later time.

Visual Statistics

Visual Statistics is an application for creating custom documents or labels for constitutes base on many demographics categories.

Export Program

The export program automatically transfers criminal/traffic data on a daily basis to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Statistics Program

This program retrieves monthly and yearly statistics from the GRIDS programs for the Supreme Court. This eliminates the retrieving of folders and manually counting for the mandated monthly and yearly Supreme Court stats.

Traffic Violations Program

This program gathers data from the Grids Criminal and Traffic applications to send to various 3rd party organizations. This can be a significate revenue source for the Clerk’s office and a helpful service to other organizations.

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